SGT Programme

The SGT Programme (Sustainable Global Technologies) is a multidisciplinary educational programme at the Aalto University School of Engineering in Finland. The SGT Programme aims to increase awareness, education and research in the fields of sustainability, development and technology. SGT Programme offers a 20 credit special module in Sustainable Global Technologies (R324-C) at the Aalto University.

Programme has started in 2006.

Our Goals

SGT Programme aims to offer Master’s and PhD level educational modules that combine viewpoints from urbanization, technology, development and communication skills. Our goal is also to create long-term research and educational institutional partnerships between Finnish universities and developing world universities.


The programme offers four courses for Master’s and PhD students at the Aalto University. In addition SGT programme is collaborating with continuing education courses with AaltoPRO, Asian Institute of Technology, University of Nairobi, UN-HABITAT and UNEP.